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Inge Peterson

It’s a pleasure to have you visit the site.  I AM Inge Peterson.  There are so many opportunities to experience true wellness.  That journey begins here.

Prepare your body and your mind to heal Itself.

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112 Spring St.

Jackson, MT


Reiki sessions are 45-60 min long and the rate is $70Reiki is safe and non-invasive and all that is required is the energy flow thru the practitioners hands.

BodyTalk sessions are between 30 and 45 minutes long. sometimes followed by a brief Reiki treatment. The rate is $70
BodyTalk is safe and non-invasive.

We utilize a Structured Intuition Procedure to integrate intuitive and logical brain capabilities.

The Protocol chart is a map of the body and mind encompassing both Western and Eastern insights

We have a language for navigating the map and use neuromuscular checking for biofeedback and to observe the story beneath the symptoms.

Meridian Tapping (otherwise known as EFT) is safe and non-invasive.  The rate is $70 per hour and it is being taught as a self-help technique. It can be taught in one and a half hour increments or a block of time. I will teach you the science behind the tapping along with the technique to overcome disruption in the body’s energy system which is the cause of all negative emotion.

If one person is giving Reiki to another, the Reiki may amplify the biofield of the practitioner so that it has a greater impact on the recipient. If the biofield is electromagnetic in nature, then altering the biofield will also induce corresponding changes in electrically mediated neurological and cellular processes, and hence in organ function and disease states.

-Ann Balwin PhD

Clint S

Thank you Inge. This is one of the most transformative experiences I have ever had.

Clint S
Jessica F

Inge is intuitive, compassionate and wise. Her healing hands and heart helped guide me through a difficult life transition while bringing understanding to the bigger picture of my health and happiness.

Jessica F

Inge Peterson is a natural healer. Incorporating Body Talk along with Reiki, her calm and assuring touch relaxes you and takes you into a complete space of physical, mental and spiritual awareness. It is in fact Inge , the practitioner, whose guidance makes the sessions I have had with her so complete and beneficial for my living a better everyday life. Thank you dear Inge.

Amy A
Becki Koon

“Working with Inge and her natural skills and abilities as a Body Talk and Reiki Practitioner was a delight. Her gentle approach to her practice made me immediately feel safe and nurtured and I found myself easily leaning into her guidance while my body responded to her as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Her clarity in communication with my body systems was right on track and I gained much insight into some physical challenges that were not in my conscious awareness. I do not hesitate in recommending Inge’s healing work and I am grateful to consider her one of my go to’s for body work. Thank you Inge for your magical healing gifts!!!” Becki Koon, Heart Math Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Becki Koon

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