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Inge Peterson

It’s a pleasure to have you visit the site.  I AM Inge Peterson.  There are so many opportunities to experience true wellness.  That journey begins here.

Prepare your body and your mind to heal Itself.

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The Mill

140 Cherry St. ~ Ste. 107

Hamilton, MT 59840

~ also serving clients in the Big Hole Valley


Reiki sessions are 45 min long and the rate is $45

Reiki is safe and non-invasive and all that is required is the energy flow thru the practitioners hands.
BodyTalk sessions are between 30 and 45 minutes long. sometimes followed by a brief Reiki treatment. The rate is $45
BodyTalk is safe and non-invasive.

We utilize a Structured Intuition Procedure to integrate intuitive and logical brain capabilities.

The Protocol chart is a map of the body and mind encompassing both Western and Eastern insights

We have a language for navigating the map and use neuromuscular checking for biofeedback and to observe the story beneath the symptoms.

Meridian Tapping (otherwise known as EFT) is safe and non-invasive.  The rate is $45 per hour and it is being taught as a self-help technique. It can be taught in one and a half hour increments or a block of time. I will teach you the science behind the tapping along with the technique to overcome disruption in the body’s energy system which is the cause of all negative emotion.

Clint S

Thank you Inge. This is one of the most transformative experiences I have ever had.

Clint S

Inge is intuitive, compassionate and wise. Her healing hands and heart helped guide me through a difficult life transition while bringing understanding to the bigger picture of my health and happiness.

Jessica F

Inge Peterson is a natural healer. Incorporating Body Talk along with Reiki, her calm and assuring touch relaxes you and takes you into a complete space of physical, mental and spiritual awareness. It is in fact Inge , the practitioner, whose guidance makes the sessions I have had with her so complete and beneficial for my living a better everyday life. Thank you dear Inge.

Amy A

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